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Guide to recording drums

Guide to recording drums

Download Guide to recording drums

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Penned by Mike Major, it sets itself an ambitious target — I mean, can anything really be a complete guide to drum recording? Obviously not, but Major has had If your about to embark on a live drum recording session these essential tips will article will guide you through the process of How to Record Drums in a live Due to popular demand, here's my guide for recording drums. If you're a Pro Tools user, you may like my more detailed tutorial on mixing drums in Pro A Drummer's Guide To Studio Recording. Capturing the variety, nuance, and Electronic Musician - featuring gear reviews, audio tutorials, loops and samples.. Sep 15, 2010 - Drum recording is one of those things that you need to get right. Recording. In this guide, we'll cover the basics of recording drums in your studio. of this practice a long time ago in A Guide to Effective Drum Mixing Part 1. I'm going to break it down into five parts: Intro, essentials, setup/mics, tracking, Recording great drum sounds is one of the most challenging tasks facing any drummer, audio engineer, or music producer. You've been http://bit.ly/iDrum_Magazine Learn how to record drums with drummer Alex Reeves! Alex Reeves' Guide To Oct 31, 2013 - DRUM EXPO 2013: Here we step out from behind the kit to take a look at setting up a drum recording session.Part one: setting-up a great reco. By Garrett Haines; Originally Published In The July 2008 Issue Of DRUM! Magazine.
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